Check out these calculators to see what your business can afford to borrow.

These numbers are estimates. Talk with an SRFSI staff member for more information.

How to Get Started With a Business Loan

Salt River Financial Services Institution is here to help you secure a business loan. There is a simple 4-step process, listed below, to get you started on the road to your business loan.

Step 1: Visit SRFSI

To get the process started, simply visit the Salt River Financial Services office and talk with the Business Services staff regarding the loan application process started. You may also want to review the College of Business Curriculum offered by Salt River University.

Step 2: Start the Process

Your personal plan has begun! Once you have met with the Business Services staff, an individualized plan will be put in place for you to begin your loan application and/or commence business training through Salt River University and/or other learning venues. You will be on your way to begin making your dream a reality.

Step 3: Secure Loan

You have been working on your personal plan and now is when you will apply for your loan. You will complete the loan application and submit it, along with all other required documentation, to the SRFSI Business Services Staff. Once your loan is approved, you know your dream is approaching reality.

Step 4: Close Loan

This is the the most exciting step because you now can move forward by using your loan proceeds to bring your dream to life! Depending on your individualized plan, your SRFSI business training will continue to assist you in becoming or maintaining your successful business.

May 2022