Education Overview

Financial Training is Key to Your Borrowing Decisions

Welcome to the Financial Training page! Financial training or financial education is one of the key components that make up Salt River Financial Services. Financial education is not just about budgeting; financial education reaches into business ownership, home ownership and almost every aspect of our lives. This is why becoming "financially fit" is important for everyone to aspire to. Regardless of income, everyone can be financially fit.

Salt River Financial Services is committed to financial education. Every workshop and course that is presented has been carefully selected to provide appropriate information relating to the subject of the course. Through much planning and preparation, Salt River University has become a reality. What is Salt River University (SRU)? SRU is comprised of all of the courses and workshops that Salt River Financial Services and other partnering entitities offer under one umbrella. Participants of SRU will gain knowledge and financially related skills to improve their financial well being. Course completion certificates will be issued for longer courses.

May 2022