Common Questions About Financial Training

What is Salt River University?

SRU is comprised of all of the courses and workshops that Salt River Financial Servies and other partnering entities offer under one umbrella. Participants of SRU will gain knowledge and financially related skills to improve their financial well being.

Is Salt River University accredited?

Salt River University is not a regionally or nationally accredited institution. Our courses are offered as a means of personal improvement. While our longer courses do offer course completion certificates, completion of these courses does not qualify the individual for academic advancement.

How do I sign up for a class?

To sign up for any course offered, please call our office at 480-850-5460 to reserve a spot. Space is limited for each class and you must register for each class you wish to attend.

Who is eligible to sign up for a class?

Enrolled community members are eligible to attend every course offered. Other individuals that have some tie to the community, employees or family members, are also eligible to attend most of the courses offered. Please call our office to further clarify this subject.

How do I get more information regarding the courses offered?

Information on upcoming courses can be found on the calendar on the website. Individuals may also call our office for information or come by our office to pick up a course schedule.

What is a course schedule?

The course schedule for SRU is a listing of all the courses offered by SRU. A calendar for the current quarter is also included. Course schedules are available at our office.

June 2022