Check out these calculators to see how much house you can afford.

These numbers are estimates. Talk with an SRFSI staff member for more information.

How to Get Started

First time home buyers, start here! Salt River Financial Services is here to help you become a home owner. There is a simple 4-step process listed below to get you started down the homeownership road.

Step 1: Visit SRFSI

To get the process started, simply visit the Salt River Financial Services office and talk with one of the staff regarding the Home Loan Application. You will also need to visit SRPMIC Realty Department to learn about the land-loan process. You may also want to attend the Welcome Home Workshop offered by SRFSI Financial Training.

Step 2: Start Homesite Withdrawal Process

Once you have talked to SRFSI staff, you will visit the SRPMIC Realty Department to begin the Homesite Withdrawal process. On average, it takes between 6 months and 2 years to complete this step (depending on the land situation). During this step, you will want to attend credit counseling from SRFSI staff; attend the Home Ownership Academy where you will learn the fundamentals of home ownership; start saving for a down payment on your home; and begin thinking about the style and type of house that fits your family needs.

If you have already completed the Homesite Withdrawal Process, you may submit copies of your recorded land lease to the SRFSI Mortgage Specialist.

Step 3: Secure Loan & Select Contractor

Step three starts when the Homesite Withdrawal process is completed by CDD, BIA and SRFSI. You will complete the Homesite Withdrawal and all land documents which will include receiving the 50 year recorded land lease during this step. When the 50 year recorded land lease is received your loan will be submitted for approval. Once your loan is approved you will begin the contractor selection and floor plan stage and your home will begin to be constructed.

Step 4: Close Loan & Move In!

This is the most exciting step because you're almost ready to move in. Once your home is constructed, you will sign all of your loan documents, pay for your down payment and any fees associated with the loan and move in! Now that your new home is finished and you have moved in, we encourage you to enroll in financial education courses offered by SRFSI and home management and improvement courses offered by the Salt River Housing Division.

May 2022