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Board of Directors

SRFSI’s Board of Directors (BOD) is comprised of seven voting members, of which, there is a combination of SRPMIC Community Member positions, Professional Member positions and one SRPMIC Council Member representative that sits on the Board.


Frances Kaukahi

SRPMIC Community Member


Ed Celaya

Professional Member

SRPMIC Council Rep.:

Cheryl Doka

SRPMIC Council Member

Patrick Dallas

SRPMIC Community Member

Marshall Loring

SRPMIC Community Member

Barbara Boone

Professional Member

George Santora

Professional Member

In addition to the voting members, there are additional non-voting members who sit on the Board to assist SRFSI.

Nicole Charlie

SRPMIC Community Member

Stacey Gubser

SRPMIC Community Development (CDD) Representative

Theresa Rosler

SRPMIC Office of General Counsel (OGC) Representative

Candace MacLeod

SRPMIC Treasury Department Representative

Jeremiah Powers

SRPMIC Finance Department Representative


We are very happy to be in our new home. SRFSI was very helpful and provided great customer service with going through the home loan process. If we had questions we always received a phone call back and they also explained items to us if needed. Building a home is a big decision and with their assistance it helped us maneuver through the process smoothly.

Pila and Jeremy