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Useful Financial Forms & Links

Use this worksheet to identify your income, savings, housing expenses, auto expenses, and debts. Calculate your monthly surplus or shortage.

Use this worksheet to budget for annual expenses, such as taxes, insurance, home and auto repairs, warranties, school tuition, etc. Adjust your household budget as needed and keep annual budgeted funds in an interest-bearing savings account if possible.

A simple worksheet to help you identify and record your short-term and long-term savings goals.

Use this worksheet to manage your creditors and debts each month. Work towards getting them paid off as quickly as possible. You can do it!

Use this handy questionnaire to help you determine your Spending Technique.

If you are unfamiliar with what is in a credit report, look at this document. It explains everything on the credit report.


After graduating college and landing a job that has turned into a career, I set a goal for myself to build a forever home to raise my family. My Journey began to improve my credit score; I began working with Gracie Briones, Financial Education Training Coordinator with SRFSI. Gracie pulled my not so terrific credit history and right away had a plan of attack to improve my credit for a home loan. After two years of paying off bad debt, I was confident to meet with Michael Campos, SRFSI Loan Administrator. Mr. Campos ran the numbers and came back with a loan amount and down payment. After setting up the IDA saving account, I made it a personal goal to make and exceed the monthly saving goal amount. After a year of sacrifice from saving extra income, I reached my IDA Saving Goal and was approved! SRFSI staff gave me the tools, knowledge, and encouragement to make my home a reality. Thank you SRFSI!